About Fantasy Beauty Supply

Fantasy Beauty Supply's Humble Beginnings

Fantasy Beauty Supply, LLC is a fashion & beauty retail company that was founded in Texas in 2020 by Tiara Smith and A’Keylan L. Ware that specializes in Clothing, Hair & Hair Care, Cosmetics, and Accessories. The two started the company in hopes of making the daily lives of individuals and businesses across the globe a little less challenging by providing highly desired products at affordable prices to communities all over the globe. From its origination, Fantasy Beauty Supply has continued to be behind innovative and trailblazing changes and are constantly looking for ways to add value to the communities in which they serve.

  • Our Mission

    To provide high-demand, high-quality products and content at an accessible price.

  • Our Focus

    Delivering a life-improving experience for the people we service and partner with; through consistently providing high-level customer service coupled with the products and content that will bring them closer to their fantasies.

  • Our Promise

    We understand every dollar and second is valuable to our customers and clients. We go above and beyond to establish and foster great relationships with the individuals we do business with. Fantasy Beauty Supply promises to offer nothing less than an exceptional level of customer service and high-quality products in all business scenarios.